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David / Seattle, WA

Dr. Michael has helped me transform my ways of thinking and acting. He has given me profound tools to help me grow to be the person I want to be.


His listening skills are exceptional and I am always impressed how he remembers every detail.


He has been nothing but personable, attentive, compassionate, and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. 


I can honestly say I am a much stronger and more confident person after working with Dr. Michael. 

Steve / Long Island, NY

With Dr. Michael as my achievement coach, I have been able to believe in myself more, be happy, and live my best life. Michael has helped me through major life changes and encouraged me through them.


He always knows the right thing to
say and what I need to hear. He holds me accountable, believes in me, follows up, and checks-in to keep me on track to be the best person I can be.


With every session and communication between us, he has the ability to inspire me and change my mood no matter how I am feeling.


I sincerely feel that with Dr. Michael, my life has changed tremendously for the better, and I feel I can do things I never thought I could do before, with confidence. I know I am extremely lucky and blessed to have him on my team.

Prashita / Hyderabad, India

As my coach, Dr. Michael worked with me in defining clear goals that allowed me to lead a well-rounded and overall more fulfilling life.


One area of focus for Michael and I had been around fitness/ health where I was looking to lose a few pounds and get fit. He really gets down to the nitty gritty of the ‘why’. He made me think of why  I wanted to lose weight, why I wanted to get fitter and what that would actually mean in the larger scheme of things. This approach of his, really helped me stick with it, or helped me bounce back after a cheat day without me spiraling out of control. 


Six months later, I’m several pounds lighter, and what’s even better - I’m now the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life! Other than my fitness goals, Michael also worked with me in getting better performance ratings at work, and together we cracked a new role at my workplace, something I’d been struggling with for over a year!


He makes you think of the future you want, while helping you make small, consistent changes in the present that will lead you there. What’s more, he did all this while sitting in a different continent altogether! Time zones, geographical distance were never a barrier for us.


In Dr. Michael, you get a friend, confidante, guide, mentor, all in one! I'll be forever grateful to have gotten the chance to work with him.

Gary / Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Michael helped me work through my writers' block and severe self-doubt. He diminished my fears, guilt, and other bad traits into pointless ideas that were destined to make me fail. 


During film school, I had written and produced zero short films, and received poor grades as a result. 


Upon working with Michael, I have been writing and producing short films every week to a month. His careful listening, action planning, kind words, and "can do" attitude left me elated and inspired to achieve my goals. 


Dr. Michael guided me out of a terrible cycle; self-loathing / unproductiveness, 

into a path of creativity and growth.

Hope / Pelham, NY

Dr. Michael helped me separate the noise and mundaneness, in my professional and personal life, from what I wanted. Dr. Michael allowed me to first rediscover the things that I found joyful. Through this rediscovery, I was able to map out a high-level plan, which I struggled to communicate during our first call from being overwhelmed at work. 

Some of the stumbling blocks that I had chosen to ignore, as not significant enough issues, surfaced and talking through what now appear to be simple concerns were unthinkable to resolve, at the time.


He coached me to regain my confidence and redirect my energy toward tangible outcomes. He made it possible for me to expunge the guilt of thinking 'we can have it all.' 


Furthermore, Michael has better prepared me to approach bigger issues and provided tools to alleviate thorny problems or as we like to call it 'getting the ugliest things off your list, first.

Kyla / Providence, RI

When I first came to Dr. Michael I wanted to work on decision making, our time together not only improved my ability to make decisions but illuminated many other areas for growth.


Michael has suggested a range of easy tasks, shared quotes and stories tailored to my personal journey and held me accountable to my goals with gentle humor and a firm reassurance that the best self can always be rediscovered and nurtured.


Because of my sessions with Michael I am a better resource to my friends and family, many of whom regularly remark on the positive changes they have witnessed firsthand. 


Dr. Michael has coached me through graduate school, family transitions, and professional growth with a compassionate, attentive, and enthusiastic consistency that has changed my life. 


Mark / New York, NY

Since I started working with Michael McCutcheon our focus has been primarily on dating and relationship issues.


His combination of professional expertise, empathy, and common sense has been flat out phenomenal; an amazing mix of skills seasoned with humor and tremendous warmth.  This man has an endless capacity to guide and support. 


I have had my share of traditional 'therapy' over the years but this experience has been far superior, with concrete suggestions and constant reminders that have kept me focused on determining what is right for me.  I find Dr. Michael's talent in this area tremendously unique.  

Nishita / Amsterdam, NL

I have come a long long way ahead, and closer to the person I want to be because of his empathy and guidance.


From Day 1, he made me feel comfortable and I opened up to him without any inhibitions or walls. With every talk, I feel myself grow. No matter what state of mind I enter in, I’ve always left feeling so happy after talking to him.

His understanding of the mind is simply brilliant. He allows me to gain perspective on situations as well as myself. I admire the approach he takes to keenly understand as well as give context to conversations.


He will always be a very integral part of my life. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have Dr. Michael by my side. 


Hope M. / Portland, OR

I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with Dr. Michael. Although initially looking for help during a challenging career change, I gained so much more than acceptance into a PhD program from my time with Michael. Dr. Michael is so incredibly dedicated to his work and to helping me achieve my goals. He is endlessly insightful, flexible, reliable, holds me accountable, and knows exactly which questions to ask in order to allow for true personal and professional growth.


Coming from a background in vocal performance, I was recently admitted into several first-rate institutions for a PhD in history, including an Ivy League, and am so excited and confident moving into this next chapter of my life. Michael has fostered a new love of life and appreciation for the process of decision making and I would certainly not be where I am today with his help.


His thoughtfulness and intellect has not only impacted me but those around me in meaningful ways and

I and am so grateful for the care and determination with which Dr. Michael helped me build a happier life for myself.

Noreen / New York, NY

Working with Dr. Michael has been an absolute pleasure. What I appreciate most about his guidance is his objectivity in reviewing and assessing the steps taken and his intuitiveness regarding what the next step should be.


He is responsive, available and also very kind! I highly recommend Michael to anyone who would like to move to the next level.

Mike / Pittsburgh, PA

I've had the privilege of working with Dr. Michael for quite some time now, and am still consistently impressed with the results I see from our work.


Michael has coached me toward successful outcomes on a wide range of topics, including my dating and relationships, personal challenges with family and friends, and fitness and health goals. Each week we review my diet, plan my workout routine, identify areas for improvement, and mark successes as they come along.


As a gay male, I have been faced with several difficulties in dating and relationships, but Dr. Michael and I have been able to process through these challenges and improve my own self-growth as a result.


Michael is empathetic, understanding, and passionate about the work that he does and it is reflected in each and every conversation/session that we have. I am thankful for our sessions, but even more grateful for his check-ins that occur throughout the week to see progress or roadblocks as they appear. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking to improve themselves!

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